Dr. Kevin Caves Provides “Critical” Economic Testimony in Successful Recovery of $75 Million from Alleged Medicaid Fraud

Dr. Kevin Caves, who joined Infotech Consulting in early 2021, has brought a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to the team. Prior to joining Infotech Consulting, Dr. Caves provided expert testimony in United States ex rel. Streck v. Bristol-Myers Squibb, which proved critical to a favorable outcome for both his client and U.S. taxpayers. …

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  1. Pay For Delay Debate Post Actavis Decision

    Since the Supreme Court’s decision in Actavis (2013), there have been many “pay for delay” class action suits with a wide variety of legal outcomes.  Given the emphasis in the Actavis decision on the size of the reverse payment, many Court decisions in this area have involved how to evaluate the relationship between the type…

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